Windows live mail

Windows live mail

Do you miss Windows Live Mail too? Do you know what it was?

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is a free email client. It was developed by Microsoft for the platform of Windows.  Microsoft provided a reduced version of Outlook, a professional email solution, as a free email client for Windows. This approach has both advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps the biggest drawback was that the program was a bit complex for the average user.

Features of Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is an attempt to overcome this problem by creating a completely redesigned email client designed specifically for everyday home use. Windows Live Mail supports multiple accounts. You will have easy accessibility to SMTP. It also lets you access POP3 along with other services. The client can also merge accounts, so there is only one inbox. You can personalize your experience with auto-replies and auto-email signatures.

The app has built-in email security and email reading tools that are useful for joining email groups and receiving RSS feeds by email. In addition to receiving emails, you can forward or archive emails. You can compose emails, save drafts, and view sent emails. There is a local junk mail filter and a junk mail folder that stores these messages for a while in case the email is accidentally expelled there. Windows Live Mail also has a powerful calendar component that you can use to schedule appointments and receive notifications. 

Windows Live Mail vs. Outlook

Windows Live Mail does not include some of the more powerful Outlook features, such as the ability to create tasks. These great features were lost in the transition from free Outlook to WLM. Nonetheless, this program is suitable for anyone looking for an easy-to-use, free, fast and streamlined email client. The Windows Mail program for your home computer can be accessed from another computer by organizing incoming and outgoing messages, storing roster contacts, and downloading the Windows Mail software from Microsoft’s website.

According to Microsoft, the Windows Mail program is a free software download that allows you to access your account information through your Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) account. By storing the information on the server, you can access your account from any computer as long as you use your email address and password.  Windows Live Mail is an obsolete freeware email client developed by Microsoft. This is an updated version of Windows Mail on Windows Vista and is the successor to Outlook Express on Windows XP. Now, you have no choice but to choose Outlook itself since the Windows Live Mail has been discontinued now.

Uses of Windows Live Mail

  • Can set up multiple accounts and encapsulate all accounts in one place, including the ability to use them offline.
  • Equipped with a photo mail feature that allows users to send high-quality photos without clogging the recipient’s inbox.
  • Users can embed webmail such as, Gmail, etc.
  • Security enhancements and enhancements.
  • Improved search capabilities that allow users to search for email content, titles, or senders. Microsoft has announced that it will end support for Window Live Mail by ending support for the Delta Sync protocol.

Therefore, we have positioned the mail app as a bundle that can be used on Windows 10 instead.

Advantages of Windows Live Mail

  • Comfortable user interface
  • Simple and easy-to-understand email client
  • Applies to all users.
  • Free
  • Supports the creation of email and calendar items.
  • Windows Live Mail is suitable for non-home and non-technical users.

 Disadvantages of Windows Live Mail

  • Lack of advanced email capabilities
  • Microsoft no longer supports it.
  • There is no upgrade or support for older versions.
  • Simple email client.
  • Does not support the creation of contacts, journals, and task items.
  • Does not support the .ics format of calendar items.
  • No options for creating email filters, searches, and rules.
  • No way to create folders and subfolders and forward emails between them.
  • Cannot be used on different devices.
  • It’s a simple feature, not for professional or business users.
  • WLM does not allow users to create Microsoft cloud servers in their corporate on-premises email server accounts.
  • It doesn’t have a programming interface, so you can’t build applications around WLM.
  • There are no multiple add-ins or toolbars that can be added to WLM.


Bad News for the users of Windows Live Mail

Multiple users cannot automatically sync related information stored on this platform. Separately, users will not be able to use email messages stored in Windows Live Mail in MS Outlook. There are also many issues, such as having to import Windows Mail into Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc. Most users now want to move Windows Live Mail from the Microsoft Office suite to MS Outlook. You can work in offline mode without an internet connection, which helps you manage your data and provides a variety of features. The following blogs will show you how to convert Windows Live Mail to Outlook. You can easily import emails from Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook in an easy way. There are various articles along with screenshots that will help you to do so.

Other alternatives of Windows Live Mail

Though it must be difficult to switch from an application that you were comfortable with, after its discontinuation, it becomes mandatory for the users of Windows Live Mail to switch over to the other apps. Some of the alternatives include IncrediMail, EasyMail, Mailbird, Email Client, Eudora, Visendo SMTP Extender Plus among several others.


Though Windows Live Mail was a good start for any live mail app by Microsoft, users faced many disadvantages of it. It is the reason for its discontinuation in 2012. Outlook is also by Microsoft and has a lot of advanced features unlike that of Windows Live Mail. You can switch to Outlook if you are unable to meet your professional needs. However, if you are looking for something more simple and easy to use, then you can choose from other better alternatives to Windows Live Mail.