Translator Service

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WordPoint has an amazing quality of speed, translation available at a reasonable price. This company uses human translators, has a clean website with the listed services, and has excellent quality. The Word Point is one of the top language companies because the translations provided were quick and error-free. It’s no wonder this company has great reviews online, as all customer support encounters were fun and informative. WordPoint is our first choice.

Ulatus is a company specializing in Asian languages. It has been on the market for 15 years and has won the prestigious second spot on our leaderboards. Not all popular languages on this website can be translated, but if you need to translate Asian languages such as Korean or Japanese, this is one of the best places. Their service is quite expensive at $ 0.17 per word, so this isn’t the best translation website. But there are many reasons to include it in the list of the five best services. First, they deliver the document on time, then reliable and accurate. There was no trace of mechanical work. All definitions and complications were correct.

Gengo is a crowdsourcing company that connects language professionals with available challenges. This model has certain limitations. For example, only translations are available. You cannot order video, audio, or subtitle services. Their costs are a bit above average than the market prices.

TransPerfect offers a variety of services. Though the price was high, their quality was fine. It wasn’t perfect because it had multiple errors, but overall it was very good. It may be possible that you might not get your order immediately but you will get it before your deadline for sure. Given poor customer reviews and expensive documentation, TransPerfect isn’t the best service, but it’s worth noting.
As the name implies, the key point of this service is delivery speed. They promise to deliver documents in record time. This agency is reasonably priced at 8 cents per word. OneHour provides translation, editing, transcription and proofreading. Ordering add-ons can be a bit more expensive. There have been signs of machine translation. It was certainly edited by a human expert and edited well, but it always appears when the machine makes the original translation. Therefore, this is not the highest quality. But the service is certainly very quick and you might receive the completed project the next day.

The company is large and can provide translation services in 177 languages and 40 industries. This is impressive. Of course, everything has a price, and the average cost is $ 0.17 per word. This service may not be optimal if you are ordering in bulk or have a limited budget.

Rush Translate has a great website with over 52 languages to choose from. The reviews are mixed and there are both positive and negative reviews. For simple documents, there’s a flat rate of about $ 25 per page, which is pretty cheap. One can conclude that you cannot trust this company because they may go beyond the deadline. Still, they were among the best in terms of quality. Our experts said it was done by the locals and the number of mistakes is very small.



AltaLang is a very famous company with an amazing choice of languages and services. They include technical, legal, business, or website assistance. In addition, users have found many mistakes in their orders. It can be concluded that AltaLang was machine-based because they were not typical of humans. This is not suitable for professional online translation services. Your documents might arrive on time, but AltaLang is not one of the best distributors due to its poor quality.

Dynamic Language is an online translation company for 30 years. They offer a wide range of services such as localization, transcription, translation, interpretation and even graphic design. The company is really big and has a good reputation as they can choose from 150 languages. No wonder their prices are above average. Unfortunately, the users mentioned that their document was of poor quality and is likely written by an amateur. Further, they also found that the text was completely unusable due to both lexical and grammar errors. There are many services and promises out there, but this company does not maintain them.

This company offers a wide range of services and languages. The average price range is a plus point. The quality was poor due to machine translation along with delayed submissions and missing pages. If you are looking for the best translation service online, we do not recommend this company.

Translation apps vs. Translation Services

There are also translation apps that you can use for translation services such as Day Translation apps, Speak and Translate, Google Translate, SayHi, Itranslate, TripLingo and many others. Apps are mobile-friendly while these translation services have websites due to which you need to open them on your laptop. Apps give you the option of speaking and getting an instant translation while you are on your way to go. Some apps also give the leverage of clicking the pictures and uploading them in the app to get a translation. Translation services are more helpful for professional uses while translation apps are more feasible for daily and personal purposes.

Both Translation apps and Translation services have their advantages and disadvantages. You need to be aware of your needs and make your choices accordingly. Make sure that you read the online reviews, ratings and then invest your time, money and energy in it.