Gmail Email Service

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Gmail: – Excellent web service

Gmail is Google’s free email service. In a lot of manners, Gmail is not any different from other email services. You can create rosters, block spam, and perform other basic email tasks, send and receive email. However, it has some other unique features that make it one of the most popular online email services.

Amazing features of Gmail

Gmail has some important and interesting features to lead your email experience as good as possible, such as:

Spam filter: Spam is another name for junk mail. Gmail uses advanced technology to keep spam out of your inbox. Most spam is automatically sent to another spam folder and will be removed after 30 days.

Conversation view: Email conversations occur when you interact with other people (or groups of people) about a particular topic or event. By default, Gmail groups these emails to keep your inbox more organized.

Built-in chat: If typing formal mails make you anxious, you can light someone’s day through an instant message or utilize the video and voice chat feature. It is only possible if your computer has a webcam and/or microphone.

Call Phone: This characteristic is the same as voice chat. But it lets you dial a phone number to call any phone on the globe. It`s free to make a call anywhere in the United States or Canada, and you can make calls to other countries at relatively low rates.

Safeguard your privacy

Much of the information that Gmail collects and shares with advertisers is metadata or data about the data. However, if you use cookies from other Google services, your activity may be associated with or fingerprinted on related products such as Google Maps and YouTube.

If you’re not interested in Google’s data browsing habits, you may change your mind after using the privacy check feature to see what information Google holds. However, there are many ways to limit the data that the service collects. In addition, you can also utilize tools such as Ghostery and Privacy Badger to block online trackers with other Google services. If you have a

 iPhone, you can lock  Gmail further by avoiding the Google app and sticking to Apple’s email client, or by opening your email from the Safari browser.


Though there are several advantages of using Gmail, it lacks end-to-end encryption. Therefore, sensitive data should not be shared through it. And if you are doing so, make sure that you are aware of its privacy policies. If you deal with sensitive information on a regular basis, then it would be best to ditch Gmail and use other email services like Proton email and Hushmail.  

Reasons to Use Gmail

  1. Best Spam Filter

Gmail is the best spam filter. You might receive vulgar emails or junk email ads on your email.  You might also receive daily notifications that my bank account has been compromised, but you will see them in my Spam folder. And unlike some other email providers, you don’t have to set up the filtering by yourself. e

  1. Gmail automatically uses your domain email.

Gmail will allow you to set up your email to automatically receive email from your domain and to have every outgoing email automatically show as coming from your domain. Back then, there was no other email provider that did it that so easily.  Even when you send from your phone, it will still show from your domain email as the sending address. You don’t have to remember to select each time you send an email. You can also send outgoing mail from any number of different addresses if desired.

 Gmail can be accessed from any computer or phone. You can check business emails from any computer or phone without jumping overtires or taking complicated steps. You can also access old mail because everything remains in your Gmail database. This also means that you will not download emails that may be infected with a virus to your computer. Download and save important emails and information, but if something happens to your email, you will die if you lose them. Do the same as downloading an email using Outlook. Backing up everything that matters is a wise business and should be part of your business routine.

  1. Use Gmail for your business

Gmail has a great labeling system. Everyone likes it properly. No one would like the messy inbox just like they don’t like a messy desk. Not only can you organize your emails into well-labeled folders, but Gmail has a filtering system that, in combination with these labels, automatically sorts incoming emails and closes email reviews very easily.

  1. Gmail has some nice stars and other icons that you can use to label your email. Other accounts allow you to mark things with small orange stars at critical times. Gmail displays symbols such as stars and exclamation marks in different colours. You can use it to mark emails for a variety of purposes. Different colours of stars have different meanings for me, and there are also coloured exclamation marks that indicate their importance and urgency.  If you can’t process all your emails at once, this is a great way to know what to return later in what order.
  1. Gmail has a cool group conversation feature.

Gmail gives you the option of putting together emails with the same subject. When talking to someone, you can see the entire thread from start to finish. You don’t have to waste your time searching for old emails to rely on what was explained in the previous emails.  If you are not a fan of it, you can always turn it off.

  1. Gmail has a signature that you can easily customize.

If you want it to appear at the bottom of all outgoing emails, you can use multiple links to create your signature. You can also create a different signature for each outbound address you use.

  1. Gmail can easily connect to other apps.

You can quickly and easily log in to other online apps that you use with your Gmail account. Connecting your Gmail account to your Google Voice, Hootsuite, YouTube, Flickr accounts, etc. will make your life easier and you won’t have to remember too many passwords.